July 25, 2022

In what cases will entrepreneurs be able to receive a deferment from the army?

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Representatives of the business community plan to provide a deferment from military service. The relevant bill “On Amendments to Art. 24 of the Federal Law “On military duty and military service”” submitted to the State Duma by deputies of the New People party. What categories of entrepreneurs will be able to get a deferral and what risks are there in innovations, says aif.ru.

Who is proposed to postpone the term of service?

Deputies propose to add a new paragraph to Art. 24 of the Federal Law “On military duty and military service”, granting the right to deferment from the army:

  • heads of peasant farms (KFH);
  • founders and sole participants limited liability companies (LLC);
  • individual entrepreneurs (IEs) who had at least five people working under an employment contract at the time of conscription and a year before it.

What is a deferment from military service?

Delay does not mean a complete exemption from military duty. Granting a deferment implies postponing the date of commencement of service. As long as the grounds for deferment are in effect, the person is not called up, but as soon as the grounds are lost — at the next call, the Russian will receive a summons.

What is the initiative about?

The explanatory note to the bill says that such measures will support domestic entrepreneurship during the period of the sanctions policy against Russia in the economic sphere. The initiators believe that deferment from military service will become a motivation for business development among young people and the creation of new jobs. The federal project “Creating conditions for an easy start and comfortable doing business” is also aimed at this, which provides state support for the creation of a business by Russians under the age of 25.

What is the assessment of the draft law at the stage of preparation? 

At the preparatory stage, the draft law receives a mostly negative assessment of — Izvestia found out their opinion.

Deputy chairmen of the parties “United Russia” and «Fair Russia— For the truth” Yaroslav Nilov and Oleg Nilovexpressed the view that granting a deferment on the grounds proposed could be helpful for those who do not wish to serve. “If the only reason for registration is the presence of an individual entrepreneur, everyone will use this loophole so as not to serve. The same applies to farms. Therefore, this issue must be approached very carefully, », — commented to Izvestia Yaroslav Nilov.

Former Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, retired Major Alexander Sherinnoted that the service in the army — the duty of every Russian liable for military service and the new bill is just a way to raise authority at the expense of those who do not want to fulfill their sacred duty.

In addition, experts say that the choice of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses is not clear (there are other categories that could be granted a deferral) and indicate that there is no business case for the initiative.

When will entrepreneurs be able to get a deferment?

The exact dates are not yet known — consideration of the bill in the first reading is scheduled for the autumn session of the State Duma: October 2022. 


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