July 25, 2022

Canadian Foreign Ministry confirms the death of a Canadian in Ukraine

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada has confirmed the death of its citizen in Ukraine, who allegedly participated in the hostilities on the side of Kyiv. This was reported by Reuters with reference to a representative of the ministry.

“The ministry is aware of the death of a Canadian citizen in Ukraine, is in contact with the family and provides consular assistance,”— he said. The representative of the diplomatic department did not disclose other details.

On July 24, Politico, citing the “commander of foreign fighters” named Ruslan Miroshnichenko reported the death of three mercenaries from the United States, Canada and Sweden in the Donbass. According to the publication, in the Donbass, during shelling near the village of Grigoryevka on July 18, Americans Luc Lyutsishin and Brian Young, Canadian Emile Antoine Roy-Sirua and Swede Edward Patrignani, who were part of the “special operations forces”, were killed. territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Their unit was based near Seversk in the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region. They were supposed to “take up firing positions” and prevent Russian troops from crossing the river, Miroshnichenko pointed out. “At the end of the mission, they were ambushed by Russian tanks. The first shell wounded Luke. Three guys, Edward, Emil and Brian, immediately tried to help Luke, provide first aid and evacuate him from this place. Then a second shell killed them all,” he said.

On July 18, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Russian military had struck a temporary base for foreign mercenaries in the Donbass. According to the ministry, up to 250 foreign fighters, seven armored vehicles and 12 special vehicles were destroyed.

Read on RBC Pro Pro 5 trillion rubles. falling incomes: what mood is the service sector in? Researches Pro Tax disputes: what to pay attention to right now Pro cases Anti-sanction “plastic”: where it is better to get an international card How to remove sanctions from a person or company. Step-by-step instructions Instructions Pro What companies need to consider when creating a corporate superapp for employees Instructions Pro How an audience of 50+ buys and consumes online Forecasts mercenaries. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, as of July 12, since the beginning of the special operation, 7,107 such mercenaries have arrived in Ukraine, 4,366 fighters have been destroyed or left the combat zone, and 2,741 continue to participate in the conflict.

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