July 24, 2022

Putin gave a terrible prophecy to Europe

By Azlyrics

News of the week destroyed the usual picture of the world

Of course, it is very easy to blame Russia for the fact that with the start of a military operation, the world plunges into madness and flies into hell. The fact that this is a false accusation is easily proven by simple mental effort.

Photo: kremlin.ru

In Firstly, it is worth remembering that the world is not only the USA, Canada, a little old Europe and Australia, but many, many other things, all sorts of countries and continents.

Secondly, it is worth understanding that it is not the world that is collapsing, but the familiar and therefore seemed to many a normal picture of the world. But all the same politicians of all the same countries were doing the same thing before the special operation, they were exactly the same. Just now, as if under a flare on a night battlefield, it became clear where the real tank is and where the inflatable model is – where is the conservative reality, and where is the liberal illusion.

“The winter turned out to be long, there was no wind, that's all,” this Putin phrase, said by him during a visit to Iran, claims to be the phrase of the week. It is not just about illusions: “They are great experts in the field of non-traditional relations, so in the field of energy they also decided to rely on non-traditional types of energy.” Note that a bet that does not take into account reality (“a green transition” is certainly possible, but not at a gallop) was made only for the sake of the Greta Thunberg liberal trend, many years before the CBO. This phrase is also a terrible prophecy. Because if you figure out what “that's all” is, it becomes scary for ordinary Europeans. At best, these are popular uprisings. This is not my idea, this is the opinion of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock: “If we don't get a gas turbine, then we won't get more gas. We will not be able to provide any support to Ukraine at all, because we will be busy with popular uprisings!”.

Rear Admiral, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby called Putin's visit to Iran a demonstration of Russia's isolation. Do you think that because of the SVO his logic broke down, or did the American view of the world simply become visible? Where is, as mentioned above, the United States and a bit of Europe, and all the rest are chukhomors?

Meanwhile, after Putin's visit, the commander of the Iranian ground forces, Brigadier General Kiyumars Heydari, said on July 19 that Iran has “technologies for the production of advanced drones” that “can be used over long distances, as well as for reconnaissance and strikes abroad” and Iran has already prepared weapons and equipment for export to “friendly countries”. Here, by the way, one of the “militarist” telegram channels posted a sign comparing our Orion UAVs and the Iranian Shahed-129. And wow, in terms of dimensions, practical ceiling and range, they are identical.

Interestingly, when Putin said at a profile meeting last week that now Rostec (and drones are his domain) would complain about the lack of funding, but he “knows what is happening there” – what did he mean?

Even in the week it was possible to observe that insanity is treatable. For example, the European Union has amended sanctions against Russia. Now the Russian state-owned companies Rosneft and Gazpromneft will be able to supply oil to third countries. How is it? It just dawned on me that the winter could actually be long. And if you buy Russian oil not from Russia, but in third countries, then theoretically you can eat a fish and not choke on a bone. Poland managed to refuse Russian gas, receiving Russian gas from Germany. And Russian titanium was not sent under sanctions (so that the aircraft industry would not stand up) and at the same time sanctions were eased for the aviation industry in Russia (suddenly it will be possible to fly over Russia again – because if bypassing, then the losses are exorbitant).

But, of course, the most striking example is the grain agreements. True, behind the political brilliance – the “civilized world” managed to force Russia to “liberate” Ukrainian grain – few people noticed the harsh reality. And the reality is that Russia has received the full right to military blockade of Ukrainian ports (in the sense of not allowing warships and ships with a cargo of weapons), with which both the UN and Ukraine agreed. The reality is that nothing prevents Russia from engaging in further demilitarization of ports (well, of course, the Black Sea region in general). After the Caliber strike on military facilities in the port of Odessa, even The New York Times wrote: the UN said that technically Russia did not violate the grain deal by striking Odessa. The reality is that in monetary terms, and in terms of weight in the region, Erdogan received the main gain – Turkey will buy Ukrainian grain below the market (it will be able to satisfy its grain needs on more favorable terms than other countries, writes the Sabah newspaper). And how this will affect the food crisis in the world is still worth seeing.

But what will definitely have an impact is the memorandum signed by Russia and the UN on UN assistance in the supply of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers to the world market. Simply put, the sanctions will have to be adjusted or even lifted.

Well, here, at the end of the week, the fighters against corruption, Putin's dictatorship and, in general, for everything good, against everything bad, finally “revealed”. The brainchild of the now imprisoned “fighter” – the pseudo-trade union “Alliance of Teachers” – transferred abroad and to the SBU the stolen personal data of Russian teachers leaving to work in the DPR and LPR. And openly, and even boasting: “These teachers are occupiers. They don’t care about their personal data”, “Probably, for the SBU, teachers are not the most interesting object, but suddenly the data will come in handy for something.” Deputy Khinshtein wrote: “This is nothing more than a public confession in cooperation with a foreign intelligence service and in committing actions that directly threaten the security of Russian citizens. Corresponding requests to the Prosecutor General's Office and the FSB will be sent by me on Monday.” I hope Comrade Major will not let you down. And then there is another oppositionist, a protégé of Smart Voting, a district deputy Helga Pirogova, dirtyly insulted the dead Russian soldiers, as if she dumped her from Russia after initiating a criminal case against her. Amazing, right? If you overdue alimony – you won’t fly anywhere, but if a criminal case is initiated – please.

There is something to work on – there is no end to it. Under the flares it became much better visible.

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