July 24, 2022

New anti-Russian Bucha concocted in Odessa

By Azlyrics

“This is definitely not beneficial for Russia, but it is beneficial for the Ukrainian authorities”

In Ukraine, the situation continues to develop with the export of grain from the country and a blow to the port in Odessa. President Volodymyr Zelensky's statement about Moscow's attempts to disrupt this process, as it turned out, is not true. According to the Ministry of Defense, the target for the high-precision missile attack on the port territory was exclusively military installations, and not at all those involved in the import of the product. In America, they decided to play along with Ukraine in its provocative attacks. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken blamed Russia for the incident, accusing it of undermining the terms of the deal and delivering food to the hungry

Photo: AP

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commented on the port of Odessa. According to her, the target of Russian strikes was a military boat, and high-precision missiles of the Caliber system were used for this. And the Ministry of Defense in the morning report specified – the Ukrainian Navy ship, which was in the dock, as well as the warehouse of Harpoon anti-ship missiles supplied by the United States to the Kyiv regime. In addition, the target of the strike was the infrastructure of a military shipyard. There is nothing that can interfere with the export of grain among the goals. However, the authorities of the Square tried to say otherwise. According to the representative of the Ukrainian Air Force, Yuriy Ignat, the target of the strike was a grain warehouse. In addition to America and Ukraine, the UN also gave its comment. The Secretary General of the organization, António Guterres, condemned the strikes in the port of Odessa, but did not specify which ones. What, then, does the joint Ukrainian-American panic and their unsubstantiated accusations against Russia mean? Konstantin Zatulin, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, shared his view on the situation with MK.

“As long as the special military operation in Ukraine continues, the parties will lay responsibility on each other,” the politician believes, “I don’t see any logic on the part of Russia in signing an agreement on the export of grain, striking at the port, understanding at the same time what there will be a response. From the side of Ukraine, I see this logic in the fact that it is waging a successful, as it seems to it, PR war against the Russian Federation and using a lot of fakes and provocations, as in Bucha, for example. This is done to denigrate Russia, and as a result, new sanctions and arms supplies. ”

– Based on the old Roman rule “Look for who benefits” – this is definitely not beneficial for Russia, but it is beneficial for the Ukrainian authorities . They demanded the export of grain for a very long time, although it was not clear whether it was available at all or if it was just a pretext for another accusation against Russia. When an agreement was reached, and it was necessary to export this grain, a blow followed and again a difficulty with the export. But this is just a guess in this case.

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