July 24, 2022

Kadyrov named a way for Ukrainians to avoid war with all types of weapons

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In his opinion, it is precisely the beginning of such a conflict that Europe seeks. To avoid it, Kadyrov proposed to overthrow the leadership of Ukraine

Ramzan Kadyrov

Europe wants to force Russia into a “full-scale war with all types of weapons,” said Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, exactly five months after the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine. But, in his opinion, the Ukrainians have a way to avoid this.

According to Kadyrov, NATO “naively believes” that such a confrontation will weaken Russia. However, he said, such a scenario is not terrible for her.

“In order to avoid a declaration of war by Russia, the Ukrainian people must remove the Zelensky noodles of pseudo-patriotism from their ears, take to the streets of Kyiv and kick out of the country all the corrupt leadership that does not dig trenches, but only incites the entire people to the “heroic” death»,— he said.

In Europe, whose population is suffering from rising prices for gasoline and food, according to Kadyrov, the same thing should happen. “Europe will breathe freely when all the first persons of the states are replaced before the onset of cold weather,— he wrote.— Otherwise, this winter, Russia will not be able to heat everyone with gas in time. Or rather, he can, but he doesn’t want to.

At the end of February, three days after the start of the Russian operation, Kadyrov said that it was going too slowly and called for the deployment of “a large-scale operation in all directions and territories of Ukraine.” Later, he explained that he did not propose to “bomb Ukraine”, but only called for speeding up actions to “eliminate Bandera”.

In early July, President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia had “not really begun anything” in Ukraine yet. “Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. Well, what can I say, let them try»,— he said.

The President also noted that Russia had repeatedly heard statements from the West about its intention to “fight to the last Ukrainian.” Putin emphasized that this would be a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it seems that everything is heading towards this.

The presidential representative Dmitry Peskov, commenting on his words that Russia “has not started anything yet”, pointed out on the difference in the potentials of Russia and Ukraine. “And Russia's potential is so great in this regard that only a small part of it is now being used in the course of a special military operation,” — explained Peskov.

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Ramzan Kadyrov

politician, head of Chechnya, former President of the Chechen Republic

October 5, 1976

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