July 24, 2022

Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled Donetsk with incendiary shells

By Azlyrics

The main goal is to cause a massive fire in the city

A video of the night shelling of Donetsk has appeared on the Web. It shows that streams of sparkling fire pour out onto the cities. As a military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Oleksiy Leonkov told MK, this time the Armed Forces of Ukraine used 9M27S Abrikos cluster incendiary munitions from the Uragan multiple launch rocket system in the city.

Photo: Frame from video

As confirmed by the people's militia of the DPR, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used incendiary ammunition on the residential area of ​​Donetsk.

According to Leonkov, the caliber of rockets “Hurricane” — 220 mm. The incendiary warhead is marked 9H128S. These shells  designed to destroy people and equipment with the fire of a mass fire.  

At a given height, incendiary combat elements are released. Their fall can cause a fire over a large area. The temperature of the burning fire mixture — about a thousand degrees Celsius.

“Hurricane” — still a Soviet development. Ukraine got them after the collapse of the USSR from the warehouses of the Odessa, Kyiv and Transcarpathian military districts.

Maximum firing range — 35 km. Considering that the demarcation line runs a few kilometers from the suburbs of Donetsk, this range is enough to shell residential areas of Donetsk from Avdiivka, Novomikhailovka and other settlements that are still under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the recommendations on the use of incendiary shells indicate that there should be no rain in the area of ​​impact for ten days. At the same time, the wind must be directed towards the enemy so that the fiery shaft of the fire does not turn to its own positions.

According to weather forecasters, dry hot weather will be in the Donbas in the coming days. And this for sure is taken into account by Ukrainian artillerymen, covering the cities of Donbass with incendiary shells. The cardinal solution to this problem — move the demarcation line as far as possible.

Источник www.mk.ru