July 23, 2022

YouTube returned the deleted issue of “Masyanya” about St. Mariuburg

By Azlyrics

YouTube video hosting returned the 162nd edition of the Masyanya animated series, deleted on the morning of July 23, about the Chinese attack on St. Mariuburg. This was announced on his Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia and banned) by cartoonist Oleg Kuvaev.

“The cartoon was returned! Thank you so much for making noise! That's why it's so fast, — he wrote.

The series of the animated series in question tells about the Chinese attack on St. Mariuburg. According to the plot, the PRC is conducting a “special operation”, and Masyanya and her relatives first take refuge from the bombing in the basement, and then one by one they die, including the main character.

Early on the morning of July 23, Kuvaev announced the removal of the series from YouTube platform due to a complaint by a certain Sobolev about copyright, “they say Isakiy’s picture was copied from his personal photograph.” “Although there is just a frontal view of Isakia, anyone who photographed him can complain that way. That is, the claim is highly dubious. Although pictures from the Internet, of course, were used, but how else to draw? By memory? There are no violations in this, & mdash; animator noted.

According to him, after the YouTube complaint, he was “scared” and removed the episode, which at that time had over 4 million views. “That is, it turns out that any Vasya Pupkin from Muhosransk can say that the video shows the corner of his dacha, photographed yesterday, and just kill all the work,” — Kuvaev pointed out.

RBC sent a request to Google.

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At the end of March, Roskomnadzor restricted access to the mult.ru website, where the Masyanya series was published. The blocking occurred at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office on March 25.

Before that, the agency sent the owner of the resource a request to remove one episode. According to the regulator, the video contained “inaccurate socially significant information about the course of a special military operation.” to discredit the Russian Armed Forces. “Including [information] about numerous casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine and the destruction of cities in connection with the actions of the Armed Forces,” — reported in Roskomnadzor.

“Masyanya”— This is a series of comedy-satire cartoons. The first issues were published on the mult.ru website in 2001. Five years later, Kuvaev left the Mult.ru studio, leaving behind the rights to the first episodes, and continued to release the animated series on his own.


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