July 23, 2022

When is it allowed to pick mushrooms and berries?

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 29. Premonition of food 20/07/2022

They write that in Yakutia they have introduced the start date for picking berries and mushrooms. For example, blueberries can only be harvested after July 20th. Now even the picking of mushrooms and berries is regulated?

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According to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, citizens have the right to freely and free of charge collect mushrooms, wild berries, nuts, medicinal plants, etc. But doing this is allowed only for yourself, but preparing for sale is already considered entrepreneurial activity. As clarified in Ministry of Natural Resources, in a number of regions for such “entrepreneurs” and introduce special rules: for example, restrictions on the size of mushroom caps — quite “kids” cutting is prohibited.

"Local regulations aim to stop the barbaric destruction of the forest — explains zoologist, member of the State Duma Committee on ecology, natural resources and environmental protection Timofey Bazhenov. — Often, industrialists extract the gifts of nature with violation of all norms and rules — this destroys the flora, the restoration of which may take many years.

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