July 23, 2022

Orban called on the EU for a new strategy on Ukraine due to non-working sanctions

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced non-working sanctions against Russia Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban expressed doubts that Russian-Ukrainian peace talks are possible, and considered that the conflict can be resolved only through a dialogue between Moscow and Washington

Victor Orban

The European Union needs a new strategy to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, as sanctions against Russia do not work, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during a speech in Romania, Reuters reports.

“A new strategy is needed that should focus on peace negotiations and crafting a good peace proposal <…> instead of winning the war, — he said.

The Western military strategy, according to Orban, was based on four pillars:

  • Ukraine will be able to win with NATO weapons.
  • Sanctions will ease Russia.
  • Europe will avoid the economic consequences of sanctions.
  • All countries will line up in support of Ukraine.
  • The strategy proved unworkable, and, in his words, if “all four tires of the car are flat, then they need to be changed.” In the situation in Ukraine, the main thing is not victory, but the establishment of peace, and we must not support Ukraine, but stand between Russia and Ukraine, the Hungarian prime minister said, the Nepszava newspaper writes.

    During the military actions in Ukraine, according to Orban, 86 Hungarians were killed. Hungary should not be allowed to be drawn into the conflict, he stressed.

    Read on RBC Pro Pro Parallel Import of Appliances: What's Wrong Pro Articles How 50+ Audiences Buy and Consume Online Forecasts Pro See You in Court: How Big Name Agencies Sell Air to Customers Instructions Pro Five luxury brands go public. What is important to know about the Lanvin Group Pro Articles The housing market is on pause. Is investing in real estate profitable now? expressed doubts that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are possible. “There will be no Russian-Ukrainian peace talks, whoever waits for this waits in vain,” — Orban is quoted by Telex.

    The situation can only be resolved through a dialogue between Moscow and Washington, he believes. Europe lost the opportunity to mediate after the Minsk agreements initiated by France and Germany were not implemented, Orban said.

    The Hungarian prime minister expressed the opinion that the reason for the conflict was the refusal of the West to provide Russia with the security guarantees it demanded. “Russians speak such an old language<…>, but that doesn't mean that what they say doesn't make sense,”— said Orban.

    In his opinion, hostilities in Ukraine would not have happened if Angela Merkel remained German Chancellor and US President— Donald Trump.

    Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goals the protection of the population of Donbass, ensuring the security of Russia, “denazification”; and demilitarization of Ukraine. Before the start of the operation, Putin expressed the opinion that a “puppet regime” was operating in Ukraine, and also called it “a foregone conclusion” the question of a neighboring country joining NATO.

    In December 2021, Russia sent proposals on security guarantees to the United States and NATO countries. They proposed refusing to accept the former Soviet countries, in particular Ukraine, into the alliance and withdrawing NATO forces in Eastern Europe to the positions of 1997.

    In January 2022, the United States, NATO and Russia held several rounds of negotiations on draft security guarantees, but they did not lead to results. NATO says it has an “open door policy” and all countries should decide on their own whether to join the alliance.

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