July 23, 2022

Liz Truss called herself a rebel and promised to be brave as prime minister

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According to the candidate for prime minister, the turning point has come for Britain: either it will continue to exist as usual or be brave and start to change. In addition to her, the ex-head of the Ministry of Finance Sunak reached the final of the race

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who reached the finals of the race for the place of leader of the Conservative Party of Great Britain and the new prime minister, called herself a “rebel” ;. This is how she described herself in an interview with the Telegraph.

“I consider myself a rebel because I want to change something,”— Truss said.

The head of the British Foreign Office noted that now the country is facing a global economic shock due to the coronavirus pandemic and military operations in Ukraine. This is a turning point for Britain, she said: either it will continue as usual or be bold and start to change.

“I want to do things differently and be bold so that we become a powerful country with fast growth rates and high productivity, — Truss underlined.

She promised to review the powers of the Bank of England (the last time, as the newspaper notes, this was done by former Prime Minister and Finance Minister Gordon Brown in 1997), taking into account the experience of central banks around the world, to cope with inflation, to ease the tax burden.

< p> In addition to Truss, Rishi Sunak remained among the contenders for the post of British prime minister. Sunak served as finance minister but resigned amid scandals involving Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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In an interview with The Times, the former head of the Ministry of Finance announced his intention to declare an emergency in the country and also present a program to overcome the national crisis. Among the problems to be solved, he called rising inflation, the poor performance of the health care system and the migration crisis.

Johnson announced his resignation on July 7, this was preceded by a series of scandals. The last one is related to Chris Pincher— a member of his government, who was accused of sexually harassing men.

On July 20, the head of government said goodbye to the House of Commons of the British Parliament with the phrase in Spanish Hasta la vista, baby («Goodbye, baby») from the movie « ;Terminator 2».

The name of the new prime minister will be announced on September 5th. Until that time, Johnson will act as head of the cabinet.

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