July 23, 2022

Hungarian Foreign Minister says Europe contradicts itself on gas

By Azlyrics

European politicians, Peter Szijjarto pointed out, declare that they no longer depend on energy resources from Russia, and at the same time, the EC asks to save gas. The minister had previously visited Moscow after deciding to buy more gas from Russia

The EC proposal to reduce gas consumption by 15% is at odds with politicians' statements that their countries are no longer dependent on Russian energy resources, pointed out Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto at a press conference after talks in Moscow. His words are quoted by Index.

Szijjarto arrived in Russia on July 21 after the Hungarian authorities declared a state of emergency in the energy sector and decided to buy 700 million cubic meters. m of gas in addition to the volumes under the contracts.

“In recent months, I have heard from leading Western European politicians that they have decided everything. They found alternative sources, bought natural gas from other places, got rid of their dependence on Russia. <…> So where does the anxiety come from?»— asked the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

He noted that gas purchases “are not an ideological issue, but a physical one”: the heating season is coming— “and it is useless for politicians to say that there is gas when it is not.”

This week, the European Commission proposed to cut gas use by 15% from August 1 this year to March 31, 2023 due to fears of stopping supplies from Russia. Spain, Greece and Portugal have already objected to this.

European countries “made mistakes” and now they are looking for someone to blame and are calling on citizens to save water and electricity in order to “annoy Putin,” the Russian president said. “The picture, the person is depicted and at the bottom is the signature:“ Do you want to annoy Putin— mine is only these four places. And shown— here, here, here, here. Well, what is it? They went completely crazy, you understand, & mdash; said Vladimir Putin.

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