July 23, 2022

Abramovich was spotted at the ceremony of signing agreements on grain in Turkey

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Reuters and ANSA published photos of the billionaire sitting in the hall where the signing ceremony was held. Abramovich was present at the talks between Russia and Ukraine on the settlement of the crisis in the spring /756585760389981.jpg” alt=”Abramovich was noticed at the ceremony of signing agreements on grain in Turkey” />

Businessman Roman Abramovich attended the signing ceremony of agreements allowing the export of grain from Ukrainian ports in Istanbul, according to Reuters and the Italian agency ANSA. the ceremony was held, among other invited guests. ANSA clarifies that the Russian businessman was sitting in the front rows.

Reuters also published another photo showing Abramovich standing in the hall against the wall along with other guests.

RBC sent a request to Abramovich's representative.< /p>

Agreements on the export of grain from three Ukrainian ports— Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny— signed by Russia and Turkey under the testimony of the UN. According to their terms, dry cargo ships will take out grain through safe corridors in the Black Sea, and mine clearance of the water area will not be carried out. Warships will not escort cargo ships, nor will they approach them. At the exit and entrance to the Black Sea, ships will be checked to exclude the transport of weapons and ammunition

Information about Abramovich's participation in the measures to resolve the crisis in Ukraine appeared at the end of February. The Jerusalem Post wrote that the businessman went to Belarus, where the first meetings of the participants of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations were held, to help in the negotiations. The representative of the billionaire said that the Ukrainian side turned to Abramovich “for support in achieving a peaceful settlement”, but did not comment on the information about his visit to Belarus.

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In March, Abramovich was noticed in Istanbul, shortly before the start of negotiations between delegations at Dolmabahce Palace. RIA Novosti correspondent reported that the businessman spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, explained that Abramovich is a mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. “That is, he partially moderates the process from the point of view, so that there is no misunderstanding “at the entrance.” That is, when a side declares something, and the other side misunderstood it, from the point of view of the logistics of the negotiation process, — he specified.

Abramovich's presence at the talks was also confirmed in the Kremlin. The representative of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, reported that he was not an official member of the Russian delegation at the talks in Istanbul, but was present at them from Russia.

In mid-April, Fortune magazine wrote that Abramovich visited Kyiv in order to discuss ways to revive the negotiating process, which has stalled. However, the representative of the businessman denied this information, saying that Abramovich was not in Kyiv and did not go there recently.

Now Abramovich is under European and British sanctions, he is trying to challenge them. In early June, The Times wrote that David Arakhamia, the head of the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with Russia, wrote a letter in support of Abramovich.

He argued that the billionaire played a “positive role” in the negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv. According to him, with the assistance of Abramovich, agreements were reached, within which “humanitarian corridors were established, along which more than 400 thousand civilians were evacuated.”

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