July 22, 2022

Ukrainian general explained why Kyiv is mobilizing pensioners

By Azlyrics

The Kyiv regime needs “powerful reserves”

Recently it became known that the Kyiv authorities decided to start mobilizing pensioners who took part in the hostilities in Afghanistan. According to the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, General of the Army Mykola Malomuzh, this is necessary for the subsequent preparation of the offensive.

Photo: Global Look Press

On Ukrainian television, Malomuzh confirmed that Kyiv had indeed decided to start mobilizing pensioners with combat experience. He notes that the call of reservists can add several tens of thousands of people to Ukraine. According to the general, this will allow the Ukrainian side to send forces to Kherson.

As Malomuzh noted, at the moment Ukraine is “recapturing” individual cities and villages in the Kherson direction, and this is a “positive task”, which, however, is not solves a complex problem.

The General is convinced that it is now important for Ukraine to prepare a strategic offensive, which requires “very powerful reserves.” Malomuzh emphasized that Ukraine is mobilizing a large number of military personnel, especially the reserve, who have military experience.

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