July 22, 2022

Finnish company allowed rolling blackouts

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According to the Finnish power grid company Fingrid, the need for rolling blackouts is associated with a shortage of energy resources. In early May, electricity supplies to Finland were suspended by the Russian Inter RAO due to non-payment

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The Finnish authorities are considering moving to rolling blackouts due to energy shortages, but this would be a “last resort.” This was stated in an interview with Helsingin Sanomat newspaper by Tuomas Rauhala, director of power systems operations at the Finnish power grid company Fingrid.

“Outages will last a maximum of a couple of hours and will be of a rolling nature, affecting local power networks in different parts of Finland, depending on supply and demand»,— he said.

Against the backdrop of the energy crisis, Finnish authorities may also impose restrictions on household energy savings, as well as oblige companies to conserve resources during peak hours, according to the publication.

Russian energy company “Inter RAO” in early May, it stopped deliveries of electricity to the Finnish Fingrid due to non-payment. At that time, the Finnish power grid operator assured that the country's electricity supply would not be affected. “The lack of electricity imports from Russia will be compensated by importing more electricity from Sweden and producing more electricity in Finland,” The company said in a statement.

Finland and Russia signed an agreement on bilateral electricity supplies in 2014. Trade between the two countries is carried out via an energy bridge across Vyborg. According to Yle, in recent years, electricity imported from Russia has accounted for 10% of total consumption in Finland.

In addition to electricity, Russia stopped supplying gas to Finland in mid-May. According to Gazprom, the Finnish gas operator Gasum did not make timely payments for gas under the new ruble scheme proposed earlier by President Vladimir Putin. The company noted that last year Gazprom Export Gasum supplied 1.49 bcm m of gas, which accounted for two-thirds of the total consumption in Finland.

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