July 21, 2022

The Prosecutor General’s Office explained the ban on the use of the word “war” in the media

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The founder of the Krasnoyarsk portal krasnews.com demanded that the blocking of the publication's website be declared illegal. The Prosecutor General's Office indicated that the word “war” was widely used there

Tver Court Building

The Tverskoy District Court of Moscow dismissed the claim of journalist Dmitry Polushin to recognize the blocking of the Krasnoyarsk news portal krasnews.com as illegal, the press service of the court told RBC. The plaintiff's lawyer, Leonid Solovyov, told RBC that the objections of the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office referred to “an unreliable presentation of the essence of the special operation using the word” war “; on the publication's website».

Telegram-channel “Network freedoms” published the text of the objection of the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office, which states that the publication's website “systematically placed publications containing unreliable socially significant information”; and “everywhere” the word “war” was used.

“An unreliable statement of the essence of the ongoing military operation with the simultaneous use of the term” war “; is of increased public importance, since the participation of the Russian Federation in full-scale military operations will affect a wide range of public interests in both the social and economic spheres (mobilization of the population, the introduction of a curfew, and others) “, — consider in the Prosecutor General's Office.

Soloviev told RBC that the prosecutor's office refused to give specific examples of articles in the publication, where the word “war” is mentioned. Polushin claims that after February 24 he never used this word on the site, the lawyer added.

RBC sent inquiries to the press services of Roskomnadzor and the Russian Prosecutor General's Office.

Krasnews.com— Krasnoyarsk media, registered in 2014, follows from the data on the website of Roskomnadzor. Journalist and blogger Dmitry Polushin is listed as the founder of the publication.

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Based on the above article, a number of Russian and foreign media have been blocked in Russia since the end of February. After the start of the special operation, Roskomnadzor stated that the media, when covering it, should use only data from official Russian sources.

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