July 21, 2022

Putin predicted a world revolution against the “golden billion”

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The unipolar world order is becoming a brake on the development of civilization

Vladimir Putin, at the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum organized by the ASI, criticized the theory of the dominance of the “golden billion” and predicted a world revolution that would restore justice. “Truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum, gaining strength. These grandiose changes are irreversible,” the President emphasized. According to Putin, Russia will be able to offer the world an alternative model of the future to replace the unipolar model that has exhausted itself and a new ideology to replace liberalism, which “is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism.” “A new era is coming, a new stage in world history,” the GDP is sure.

Photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday continued brainstorming ideas and projects that will help Russia minimize the damage from Western sanctions, increase the competitiveness of the Russian economy and the standard of living of Russians. This time, the participants were not officials, but “200 leaders” selected by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. As the head of the organization, Svetlana Chupsheva, explained, this is only a small part of active people who want to participate in the development of the country. However, before moving on to hearing the proposals, Vladimir Putin made another policy statement of an ideological nature. This time he criticized the dominance model of the so-called “golden billion” – highly developed countries (EU, USA, Japan), which are home to 1 billion people. “Why should he dominate everyone, impose his own rules of behavior based on the illusion of exclusivity?” the president was outraged. According to him, the “golden billion” model adopted in the West “divides peoples into first and second grade”, and therefore is racist and neo-colonial in its essence.” “And the underlying globalist, allegedly liberal ideology is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism.” Putin recalled that the “golden billion” received its advantages not just like that, but “to a large extent due to the robbery of other peoples both in Asia and Africa.” India was particularly hard hit by the plunder. “Today, the elites of the “golden billion” are terribly afraid that other centers of world development may present their own development options,” Putin said. However, no matter how hard they try to preserve the existing order of things, in his opinion, a new era is coming, a new stage in world history.

Further, Vladimir Putin acted as Gorky's “Petrel” and predicted that a storm would soon break out. “Truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum more and more, gaining momentum. These grandiose changes are irreversible!” he said. The unipolar world order becomes a brake on the development of civilization, and the collective West and the “golden billion” in general are not able to offer the world a new model of the future. Therefore, according to the GDP, at the national and global levels, the foundations and principles of a “more just, socially oriented and secure world order” are being developed. And Russia in this movement is at the forefront. An alternative development model, Putin said, should be based on sovereignty, the protection of traditional values ​​and high humanistic ideals. “A person in such a model of development becomes not a means, but the highest goal,” he stressed.

Note that the recipients of criticism are unlikely to understand what is at stake. In the West, there is no concept of the “golden billion” and the associated theory of the division of the world. This term was introduced into the discussion field in the 90s by conservative political scientist Sergei Kara-Murza and has not left the post-Soviet space since then. Wikipedia calls the “golden billion” a metaphor used in journalism “to refer to the population of the richest and most developed countries and reflecting the imbalance in living standards and consumption between them and developing countries.” Conspiracy theorists attribute to the Western elites the desire by any means to maintain the superiority of their “golden billion” and achieve a reduction in the population and economic potential of other countries. According to them, Margaret Thatcher and Muldlen Albright shared the opinion that Russia's population should ideally be 15 million people. However, there is no evidence for this. As for modern Western politicians, for them the recognition of the existence of the “golden billion”, as well as any similar theories, is tantamount to suicide.

Vladimir Putin said that only truly sovereign states in the new development model would be able to ensure high growth dynamics and become an example for others. Russia needs sovereignty in everything, and above all in high technologies. Sitting on foreign developments, in his opinion, is dangerous and humiliating. But the withdrawal of Western companies from the Russian market makes them stir and get rid of this dependence. Putin believes that Russia itself should produce turbines that are used in gas pipelines. Since it is not clear now in what condition Canada will return the turbine for Nord Stream. It is possible that some malicious modifications were made to the mechanism. “What are the technical parameters after this repair? Maybe they will take it there and turn it off at some point. And that's it! Nord Stream will stop, Putin said. He expressed the opinion that Canada did not delay the turbine at all because of the sanctions that were introduced in response to the start of a special operation in Ukraine. “She produces oil and gas herself and plans to develop the European market herself. These are pragmatic considerations of competition,” VVP believes.

Putin also ordered Igor Shuvalov to find money to equip Belarusian schools with robotics kits. One of the forum participants addressed the president with such a request. “What is 9 billion rubles? Igor Ivanovich has bank assets of 4 trillion 600 billion rubles. Can't you find ten? What are we talking about…”, the President shrugged his shoulders, promising also to “swing” money from the budget of the union state.

Why Belarusian schools, and not Russian schools, should be equipped with robotics classes at the expense of VEB remains unclear.

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