July 21, 2022

Lukashenka allowed to judge citizens who left Belarus in absentia

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Trials in absentia in Belarus will be possible in certain categories of cases, including terrorism, treason and riots

Alexander Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko signed a law that allows trials of defendants in criminal cases who are outside Republic, the press service of the President of Belarus reported.

Amendments have been made to the Code of Criminal Procedure (CPC) of the republic. “The law introduces the institute of special (absentia) proceedings in criminal cases in relation to the accused who are outside Belarus and evade the appearance in the body conducting the criminal process,” — the report says.

The law also introduces a list of elements of crimes on which it is possible to start proceedings in absentia against suspects. Among such compounds are terrorism, genocide, treason, sabotage, the creation of extremist formations, riots, and calls for sanctions.

Introduced in the Criminal Procedure Code and the ability to file cassation complaints along with appeals. Cassation is the right of participants in the process to challenge the legality of the decision of the courts.

Another innovation— the opportunity to appeal on appeal against sentences handed down by the Supreme Court, acting as a court of first instance, is noted in the message.

The Russian Code of Criminal Procedure provides for the conduct of the process in the absence of the defendant under certain conditions. Article 247 of the Code deals with cases where the defendant is outside Russia, has not been prosecuted in another country, and is a defendant in a case of a grave or especially grave crime. In this case, the process can go with the participation of a lawyer, if there is none— the court can appoint it on its own.

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