July 21, 2022

Italy’s president dissolves parliament

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Italian President Mattarela dissolved parliament after the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi The President of Italy, after meeting with the chairmen of both houses of parliament, signed a decree on its dissolution. The reason was a split in the government, which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Draghi “Italian President Dissolved Parliament” />

Sergio Mattarela

Italian President Sergio Mattarela signed a decree dissolving Parliament, his press office reported.

Earlier on July 21, Mattarela accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Then the office of the President reported that the government would remain in power “to resolve current issues.” But in this case, the actions of the cabinet of ministers, as noted by Corriere della Sera, would be significantly limited. In particular, draft laws, including financial ones, and legislative acts could not be developed, and new appointments would not be allowed either.

Draghi decided to step down after the Five Star Movement, which is part of the ruling coalition, refused to participate in the vote on the inflation relief bill presented by the premier's team. The party opposes some of the proposed measures.

However, Mattarellas did not accept the resignation of the prime minister for the first time and suggested that he consult with Parliament in order to assess the current political situation.

On July 20, the Italian Parliament passed a resolution calling for a vote of confidence in Draghi. But this did not save the government from a split: the three main coalition parties refused to participate in the vote— “Movement” 5 stars “,” Forward, Italy ” and the League. After that, Draghi announced his resignation for the second time, and the president accepted it. As Reuters reported, Mattarela plans to call early elections in October.

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