July 21, 2022

Is it true that weapons can not be bought, but rented?

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Hunters were allowed to exchange weapons and ammunition, as well as rent out their ammunition. The corresponding federal law No. 305-FZ of July 14, 2022, which amended the federal law “On Weapons”, was officially published. Aif.ru figured out who and to whom can rent weapons and under what conditions.

Who can rent weapons and to whom?

The law provides what to give weapons only those who have the right to keep and/or carry it will be able to use

— hunting users (organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the field of hunting);
— citizens who own weapons.

You must have at least one of the permits to transfer weapons to other people:

  • ROHA — permission to keep and carry weapons.
  • РСОа — permission to keep smooth-bore long-barreled firearms of self-defense without the right to carry.
  • RKS — permission to keep and carry short-barreled traumatic firearms.

Rent weapons will be able as experienced users of weapons — those who have their own copies, and the Russians who do not have their own weapons — they will need to obtain a special kind of permission to use someone else's property, limited in circulation. 

What documents are needed to take a weapon for use? 

Naturally, only the owner who has the appropriate permission to store it and/or wearing

You can rent someone else's smoothbore gun or pneumatic weapon for hunting if you have a hunting license and the appropriate permit. The type of permit depends on whether the hunter has his own weapon or not. If a person has their own — there must be a permit to keep and/or carry weapons; if you need to acquire weapons, because you don’t have your own — you need to get a permit to carry and use (this is a new type of permit, it was not issued before).

How do I get a permit to rent a weapon? 

In accordance with the amendments to the federal law “On Weapons” a new type of permit to carry and use weapons can be obtained at the territorial department of the Russian Guard (department of licensing and permit work) within 10 working days. Unlike other types of documents, where the age of 21 is required, such a certificate can be obtained by a citizen who has reached the age of majority. Permission expiration date — 5 years.

To obtain such a permit, you need the same documents as for others

— identity document;
— medical certificates according to forms No. 003-O/y (that there are no prohibited substances in the body) and 002-O/y (that there are no contraindications to carrying weapons).
— hunting license;
— a document on training in the safe handling of weapons (if you need to rent a long-barreled firearm — additionally on passing training in the safe self-loading of cartridges for this type of weapon).

Unlike other types of permits, due to the fact that it is not supposed to acquire ownership and storage of weapons, it is not necessary to install a safe and obtain a license to purchase weapons.

A hunting license can be obtained from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology .

Is it possible to transfer weapons to foreigners?

Yes, the procedure for foreign citizens is the same as for Russians. The only difference — permission to use weapons will be valid only for 90 days, and they will be made five days longer than for citizens — 15 days.

How to formalize the transfer of weapons for use?

The owner of the weapon must record the transfer of weapons in the act of acceptance and transfer. It must contain:

— Name of owner and tenant;
— information about the place, date and time of the transfer of weapons and ammunition;
— lease term;
— details of a foreigner's permit to carry and use weapons;
— information allowing the identification of weapons and ammunition.

Can the owner control the use of weapons? 

Yes, but not only can, but must. A requirement was included in the law that the owner of a gun or other weapon must be near the tenant during the movement of the weapon and its direct use. 

When will it be possible to rent a weapon? 

Regulations on the transfer of weapons for hunting will come into force on July 15, 2023.


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