July 20, 2022

The leader of the “Night Wolves” reported searches in the homes of members of the club in Europe

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Zaldastanov announced the searches amid reports that the EU is preparing sanctions against him and the Night Wolves. According to the leader of the bike club, there were “even arrests” and some members received “veiled threats”

Alexander Zaldastanov (Surgeon)

In the homes of a number of members of the Night Wolves ; searches began to be carried out abroad, said on the page in “VKontakte” leader of the biker club Alexander Zaldastanov (Surgeon). So he reacted to reports that the European Union may impose sanctions against the “Night Wolves” and some club members.

“News of new sanctions against Night Wolves” found us in Sevastopol during the preparation of the bike show. <…> A few days ago, in many of the houses of the Night Wolves, searches, pressure and even arrests began. People were asked some idiotic questions, some veiled threats and so on, — written by Zaldastanov.

According to the leader of the club, to ban the “Night Wolves” “will not succeed”, and for him the sanctions of the European Union “do not matter”.

As the press secretary of the “Night Wolves” told RBC Alexander Bulldog, members of the motorcycle club have been facing searches since the beginning of the special operation, and they are carried out in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. “Somewhere people were summoned for interrogations, they came to someone’s house with interrogations because of their connection with a motorcycle club, with Russia. Motoclub "Night Wolves" in Europe since 2014 under the scrutiny of intelligence agencies. It started with our run of the “Road of Victory”, — said Bulldog.

RBC sent inquiries to the press services of the police in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Since the end of February, the European Union has introduced six packages of sanctions against Russia and is preparing a seventh. Zaldastanov was also included in the draft of new restrictive measures. He is “accused of actively supporting Russian state propaganda, publicly denying Ukraine's right to statehood, and calling for 'denazification', as well as 'de-Ukrainization'.” countries”, writes EUobserver.

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In addition to Zaldastanov, the draft new sanctions were introduced by three of his deputies, including a citizen of Slovakia and the head of the European branch of the club, Josef Hambalek. If the restrictions are approved, Bratislava will have to freeze his assets and ban him from crossing the Slovak border with other EU countries. The biker club itself may also be subject to sanctions. then “Night Wolves” will be banned from entering Europe.

Biker club “Night Wolves” exists since 1989. In 1995, he was registered as a public non-profit organization “Russian Motorcyclists”. President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly met with members of the club, attended their bike shows, and in 2011 took part in a motorcycle race in Novorossiysk.

The club organizes motorcycle races with patriotic goals on a regular basis. In particular, in the spring of 2015, “Night Wolves” planned to hold a “Victory Motorcycle Ride” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day. The route ran through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. However, the authorities of these countries did not give permission for a motorcycle race through their territory.

Since December 2014, Night Wolves are under US and Canadian sanctions in connection with support for the annexation of Crimea.

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