July 20, 2022

Putin’s Iranian cough magically passed at a meeting with the “pioneers”

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The President met with the finalists of the “Big Change”

Vladimir Putin will head the supervisory board of the “new pioneer”. He himself announced this via video link to the finalists of the Big Change contest, who gathered in Artek. Pioneer is being revived under the same name, and, apparently, both projects supervised by the AP will merge into one in the near future. Authorities expect the new organization to reach 18 million school-age children (matching and even slightly exceeding the total number of Russian schoolchildren in 2022), although membership will officially be voluntary.

Photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin, according to the most optimistic estimates, returned from Iran only at 5 o’clock in the morning, however, already at noon, cheerful and fresh, he got in touch with the finalists of the Big Change contest.

Cough, which caused the day before reducing the time of the press conference, communication with children no longer interfered – in Moscow there was no trace of the head of state's cold (VVP himself explained the cough with Iranian air conditioners).

Vladimir Putin said that the Big Change is getting bigger (almost 4 million people took part in the competition this year), and its importance for the younger generation can hardly be overestimated: the project helps to gain new knowledge, teaches teamwork and promotes career guidance.< /p>

“At this stage of your life, the most important thing is to choose your path in life,” he emphasized.

foreign states, which participation in the competition gives a chance to get higher education in the Russian Federation free of charge. 100 winners will be enrolled in Russian universities.

17-year-old Maxim said that he came to Artek from Canada, where his programmer parents emigrated. I traveled for a long time: “10 hours by plane, 20 hours by bus and two days in a reserved seat.” He hopes to win and become a programmer too. She also considers it important to get together and “create solutions” to the problems that exist today.

Chimara from Bishkek has more ambitious plans – she hopes to get to MGIMO through the Big Break.

13-year-old Ksyusha from Donetsk told the president that she made lists of “good Saturdays” as part of the competition and she really liked it.

“What are these lists? What are good Saturdays? – sincerely interested in the GDP. The answer turned out to be very evasive. Every week, according to Ksyusha, “good Saturdays” are thrown into the official group of the Big Change, and “the guys are actively participating in them.” However, these explanations were enough for Vladimir Putin. He immediately understood how this initiative could be turned into an all-Russian project in the interests of the DNR and LNR. Although for the restoration of these republics, only “good Saturdays”, according to the GDP, will not be enough. “We all have good months, weeks and years to put everything in order, but we will definitely do it,” the president said, noting that the whole country would help Donbass.

But Maxim from Kozelsk received quite unexpected advice from the head of state. Hearing that the 13-year-old had given up ballroom dancing and focused on chess, programming and robotics, Putin recommended that he… “not turn into a nerd.” “Don't give up ballroom dancing! Be versatile! It will help you in life,” he said.

When the turn came to Nastya from St. will also be called “Big Change”, and chair its supervisory board. Vladimir Putin did not refuse. According to him, “creating the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of children is an absolute priority” for the authorities.

“I accept your proposal with pleasure. I hope that communication with the new movement will benefit both me and my colleagues, who in one way or another will be involved in its activities,” said VVP. Recall that the revival of the pioneers is supervised by the AP. The bill on the creation of a new movement, which will be based in schools, was submitted to the State Duma on the day of the 100th anniversary of the pioneer organization named after Lenin, and the other day the president put his signature under it.

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