July 20, 2022

Putin dismissed Europe’s calls to save water as nonsense to ‘annoy’ him

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According to Putin, the other day he was shown a picture with a man and the caption: “If you want to annoy Putin, these are the only four places that are mine.” In Europe, “they went completely crazy” – “made mistakes” and are now “looking for the guilty”, said the President

Vladimir Putin

The European authorities “made mistakes”, and now they are looking for someone to blame and urge citizens to conserve water and electricity to “annoy” Russian authorities, said President Vladimir Putin at the Strong Ideas for the New Times forum. The broadcast was conducted on the Roscongress website.

“In some Western countries today they are faced with energy problems, and one of the components— This is environmental speculation. They speculate on the domestic political agenda, they scare people with these problems. And then they make unreasonable, uncalculated decisions. And the next step— looking for someone to blame, — said the president.

According to Putin, the other day he was “showed a picture” that is being distributed “in the media in Europe.”

“The picture, the person is depicted and at the bottom is the signature:“ Do you want to annoy Putin— mine is only these four places. And shown— here, here, here, here. Well, what is it? Completely crazy, you know. Save water, save, therefore, electricity, electricity. Well, it's just some bullshit. They made mistakes, and now they don’t know what to do with it and they are looking for the guilty, & mdash; he declared.

The tense situation with gas in the EU has worsened since the end of February. Against the backdrop of sanctions, Russia has transferred payments for gas into rubles, to which not all European countries agreed. In addition, Gazprom from mid-June limited supplies via Nord Stream 1; to Germany, explaining the decision by the fact that the German Siemens did not return the turbine after repairs in Canada due to anti-Russian sanctions. From July 11 to July 21, both strings of the gas pipeline were turned off, but for a different reason— for scheduled annual repairs, according to the operator Nord Stream AG.

Germany and the European Union accused Russia of using gas as a weapon. The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied such accusations. The Kremlin emphasized that Moscow does not use gas as a political tool and “is very, very careful about its reputation as a responsible supplier.”

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Against the backdrop of high energy prices and a tense situation with Russian gas in Germany, which is largely dependent on Russian supplies (by 55%, as the Minister of Economy and Climate Protection, Vice-Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck said in January), in June it was decided to increase load on coal-fired power plants and reduce the use of gas in industry to increase stocks for the winter. German Food and Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir also encouraged motorists to drive more slowly on motorways, opting for a more economical low-speed option. And Khabek admitted that he began to spend less time in the shower.

The European Union as a whole is also going to take measures in terms of saving energy resources. As Bloomberg learned, he is going to propose to his countries to reduce gas consumption by 15% from next month for fear that Russia could cut off supplies. In addition, the plan provides for limiting the heating of public buildings to 19 degrees, and air conditioning— up to 25 degrees.

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