July 20, 2022

Putin accused Western countries of intending to dismember Syria

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Putin announced the need to put an end to ISIS in Syria forever According to the President of Russia, real threats of crime and extremism emanate from areas not controlled by the Syrian authorities, and the destructive line of Western countries largely contributes to this

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Western countries, led by the United States, are pursuing a destructive policy in Syria, because they want to bring things to the dismemberment of this state, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a trilateral meeting of heads of state— guarantors of the Astana process.

Of particular concern is the state of affairs in the territories not controlled by the Syrian authorities. “We see that real threats of crime, extremism, separatism come from these regions. In many ways, this is facilitated by the destructive line of the Western states, led by the United States, in order to ultimately bring the matter to the dismemberment of the Syrian state, — said the president.

In this regard, it is important that the guarantors of the Astana process take “additional steps aimed at stabilizing the situation in these areas and returning them to the control of the legitimate Syrian government,” he said. Putin also said that “the presence of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and other extremist groups in Syria must be permanently eliminated.”

Tripartite Summit of States— guarantors of the Astana process to end the civil war in Syria is taking place in Tehran. Prior to this, the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ibrahim Raisi held a series of bilateral meetings.

During his speech at the summit, Putin said that the work of the three countries to resolve the crisis in Syria was generally effective. “I also want to note that the next summit of the “Astana Troika” in turn, it is supposed to be held in our country. And we, of course, will be glad to see all of you, dear colleagues, in Russia,»,— summed up Putin.

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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said that US troops should leave Syria and the region as soon as possible, since the “illegal presence” American forces became a “destabilizing factor.” In addition to the fact that the United States is increasing the number of its military bases, “they are also stealing natural resources,” said Raisi.

The only way to secure the Syrian borders— it is more active interaction of its armed forces with friendly states. “Experience has shown that the violation of the territorial integrity of Syria will not be able to help in the fight against terrorism,” — said the President of Iran.

In a conversation with Erdogan, he said that any attack on northern Syria would definitely harm Turkey, Syria and the entire region. In early June, Turkey announced the launch of a new operation in the region, calling it the creation of a security zone to protect against terrorists.

“Astana Troika”— group of Russia, Turkey and Iran, created after the talks in Astana in January 2017. Its goal is to resolve the military conflict in Syria. The participating countries regularly hold summits and make decisions to resolve the situation.

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