July 20, 2022

Political scientist Bezpalko called the real size of the Ukrainian group that opposes Russia

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The grouping of the RF Armed Forces is much smaller

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov previously announced the intention of the government of the country to mobilize up to 1 million people for military service in order to “recapture” the territory in the south of the country. Political scientist Bogdan Bezpalko noted that the contingent of the RF Armed Forces is currently inferior in number to the Ukrainian group.

Photo: Global Look Press < p> In an interview with the site “Ukraine.ru” Bezpalko noted that the grouping of Russia is a multiple less than the armed forces that Ukraine has or claims about. The expert recalled that Zelensky had recently said that there would soon be a million people “under arms” in the country.

The political scientist stressed that even if it’s not even a million people, some experts say that all armed formations Ukraine is about 600 thousand people. Russia, as Bezpalko noted, does not have such a grouping on the territory of Ukraine.

The expert believes that the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian territory will be involved to a greater extent than now, if Russia conducts partial mobilization, creates its own territorial defense units , and will also begin to use the military force of all its military districts and all strategic aviation. According to Bezpalko, at the moment the Russian Federation is conducting a special operation with the forces of the peacetime army.

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