July 20, 2022

In Nikolaev, an award was announced for “Russian gunners”, like in the Wild West

By Azlyrics

Local residents were banned from leaving the city and threatened with door-to-door tours

Residents of the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev are in danger. Chairman of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim said: it is planned to close the city and carry out sweeps in it from people objectionable to the authorities, that is, those who support Russia. They will be identified during the door-to-door bypass by law enforcement officers, and a curfew will be introduced in the city itself. Kim himself called this procedure “Catching collaborators.” For every “traitor” or fire spotter, he is even ready to pay in foreign currency.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org < p>After the shelling of the Antonovsky bridge in the Kherson region, on which more than ten HIMARS missiles were fired, ordinary residents in Nikolaev are very scared of a possible response from the Russian Armed Forces. In the city itself, air raid warnings are constantly sounding, there are problems with water and electricity, but the authorities are in no hurry to solve these problems.

Against this, the head of the region, Vitaly Kim, became active. In moments of tension, he always added fuel to the fire. For example, in April, Kim called on citizens to go hand-to-hand against Russian military equipment, as well as build barricades around the “government quarter” in the city; – to protect officials.

Now the head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration is maniacally preoccupied with the search for enemies and traitors, who, in his opinion, are hiding among the inhabitants of the city. For the capture of the so-called gunners, he is ready to pay 100 US dollars.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

“Yesterday there was a detention of one not very healthy man, – Kim said in his next video message, – he was going to enter the LDNR troops as soon as they come here. Found him through an anonymous telegram channel. What the Russians say – everything is anonymous and safe, you give us the data, nothing will happen to you, this is not true. The guy will now go to prison for 9 years. 

In the city itself, the local population is being terrorized by territorial defense units with might and main. “In Nikolaev, on the lower and upper floors of multi-apartment residential buildings (Bogoyavlensky Ave. and Morehodnaya St.), territorial defense militants equipped strongholds. At the same time, local residents are forbidden to leave their apartments, and all their attempts to independently evacuate to safe areas are severely suppressed, – according to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Defense.

“My opinion may seem unexpected, but all this is very good for Kim and for the Kyiv regime. This is all the strengthening of political repression, the formation of a totalitarian society.

The history of the 20th century shows that a totalitarian society outperforms open and democratic ones in military conflicts. In Ukraine, such a society is artificially formed by US military political technologists.

A vivid example of — the situation on Ukrainian TV. On our TV channels there were constantly experts representing the Kyiv point of view, while in Ukraine — there has never been a person representing the point of view of Moscow. In addition, it is terror against dissenters. There are now thousands of political prisoners in Ukraine. A clear totalitarian system has been formed. They know perfectly well that totalitarian states win in conflicts. Therefore, this solution is very beneficial for them. The current hostilities show that the Ukrainian army turned out to be stronger than analysts thought before the start of the conflict. Because this army is a totalitarian society.

– Run. Because Vitaly Kim closes the city, that reasonable people want to leave it. But he showed them the fate — die for the interests of the United States and the Kyiv regime.

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