July 1, 2022

Residents of Japan announced troubles due to anti-Russian sanctions

By Azlyrics

Photo: pixabay.com

In Japan, local residents are unhappy with the situation that anti-Russian sanctions are bringing the country to. This is how they reacted to the news from the NHK TV channel about Vladimir Putin's decree on the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project. They left their opinions on Twitter blocked in the Russian Federation.

One of the users asked a rhetorical question to the Japanese authorities. He asked if Tokyo really thought that it would impose “every new sanctions” against Russia and, as if nothing had happened, continue to receive Russian LNG.

“I have a feeling that there is still a lot of bad things ahead of us !” – emphasized the user ASK768436308.

Another user asked to tell what else to expect for the Japanese economy from the sanctions that were imposed against Russia.

In one of the comments, the user shamed the Prime Minister Japan Fumio Kishidou. He noted that his native Hiroshima Gas “received 50 percent of its supplies from Russia.”

As a result, users emphasized that what happened was “the result of clouding in the brain, when we blindly trail behind Europe and America (more precisely , Britain and the USA).

Meanwhile, the Financial Times notes that Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to teach Western energy giants a lesson by his decree on special economic measures in relation to the Sakhalin-2 fields.

< p>Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the transfer of property to Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. for free use to the new Russian operator Sakhalin-2. Now the shareholders of the current Sakhalin-2 operator – Gazprom, Shell, Mitsui and Mitsubishi – must notify the government within a month of their consent to accept shares in the new LLC, in proportion to the current ones.

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