July 1, 2022

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid takes over as Prime Minister

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Yair Lapid, who previously held the post of Israeli Foreign Minister, headed the country's government, reports The Times of Israel. Lapid moved to this position of the country after the parliament declared self-dissolution, and Prime Minister Naftali Bennet decided to leave his post

Lapid became the 14th prime minister in the history of the country. He will remain in this position until at least November 1, when the early parliamentary elections will be held in Israel.

“We will do everything in our power for a Jewish democratic state, good, strong and prosperous, because this is our job, and it is more important than all of us,” — said Lapid at the handover ceremony.

According to the newspaper, among the first plans of the new prime minister — meeting with Israeli security chief Ronen Bar and discussing the issue of two captured Israelis and the remains of two Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip under Hamas control.

The country's parliament, the Knesset, which forms the government by a majority vote of deputies, voted for self-dissolution on June 30. The decision to dissolve Parliament Bennett had announced ten days before. The reason for this, according to The Times of Israel, was that the members of the government could not agree on the adoption of a bill allowing the creation of a metro system in the center of Tel Aviv.

The opposition Likud party decided to take part in the future elections. Benjamin Netanyahu, who was prime minister before Bennett, first from 1996 to 1999, then from 2009 to June 2021. Netanyahu said he wanted to lead the Israeli government again, and noted that the citizens of the country will have to make a choice between the “failed government of Lapid, dependent on the Muslim Brotherhood” (“Joint Arab List” in the Knesset. — RBC) and and “broad and strong national government” headed by Likud.

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