July 1, 2022

How to retake the exam?

By Azlyrics

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 26. Capital evidence 29/06/2022

How can you retake the exam if you failed the exam or want to improve your result?

As AiF explained; in  Rosobrnadzor, if the graduate did not scoring the minimum score in one of compulsory subjects — Russian language or mathematics, you can retake the USE on reserve days (at the end of June — beginning of July). If it didn't work out again, another chance will be in September. If the minimum is not obtained immediately in both required subjects, then retake them you can in September. When the minimum score has not been scored in profile mathematics, then when retaking, you can change the level of the exam to basic.

Elective subjects can only be retaken for the next year, regardless of score. You can rewrite in a year and  compulsory subjects if you passed the minimum threshold, but are dissatisfied with the points received. The results of the exam are valid for 5 years, including the year of passing. Upon admission to the  university, the best result will be credited.

Also, if the results of the exam were canceled due to violation of the rules of conduct (telephone, cheating, cheat sheets, etc.), retake will be allowed only a year later, and required subjects — in September.

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