June 14, 2022

Trump accuses Congress of trying to keep him out of the presidential election

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The ex-president of the United States announced the “destruction” of the country because of the problems associated with the decisions of the current government. According to Trump, the congressional investigation of the storming of the Capitol is being conducted in order to prevent him from participating in the elections /756551718001226.jpg” alt=”Trump accused Congress of trying to keep him out of the presidential election” />

Former US President Donald Trump said that a special congressional committee investigating the circumstances of the storming of the Capitol building intends to prevent him participation in the next presidential elections in 2024. He made this accusation in his 12-page appeal, his text is quoted by The Hill.

Trump claims to be at the top of both Republican and Democratic polls. In his opinion, this is due to “record inflation, exorbitant gas prices, energy dependence on our opponents”, which is caused by the actions of the current US administration. The ex-president believes that the American education system is in crisis, illegal migrants are “invading” into the country, and disruption of supply chains “crippled our lives.”

“Our way of life has been suppressed by government regulation. The United States is collapsing. The Democrats know I can fix this, and they're doing everything in their power to stop me, but we can't be stopped,” — Trump wrote.

As the date of the midterm congressional elections (early November 2022) approaches and the intention of “True Americans to replace the corrupt establishment with freedom patriots” is creatures are circling around the drain,” continued the former US president.

He is sure that the current government of the country is “strongly clinging to its power, watching it slip out of their hands,” despite the state of crisis. Trump claims that the problems he lists are “100% caused by Democrats who got power as a result of rigged elections.”

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