June 9, 2022

Bloomberg learned about Germany’s plans to increase the number of NATO troops in Lithuania

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The German military contingent in Lithuania as part of the NATO mission will expand to 1.5 thousand people, now it has about 1 thousand military personnel. Germany will also create a special battalion in Lithuania for rapid response, there is no infrastructure yet ” alt=”Bloomberg learned about Germany's plans to increase the number of NATO troops in Lithuania” />

Germany will send another 500 troops to Lithuania, expanding the military contingent in the republic to about 1.5 thousand people, this was done in as part of NATO's efforts to reinforce the eastern flank, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg and Reuters.

In the plans of the German government— to increase the military contingent in the alliance's mission to 3,000 troops, Bloomberg interlocutors added. According to them, due to the lack of housing for the military in Lithuania and other problems with logistics, an additional 1.5 thousand people will be in constant combat readiness in Germany as a replacement reserve unit.

At the same time, according to According to Reuters sources in the German government, the number of soldiers in the brigade, who will be ready for operational deployment to Lithuania, will be about 3 thousand people.

Bloomberg writes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is likely to announce the dispatch of 500 troops to Lithuania on Thursday, June 9. On this day, he is scheduled to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Berlin, where the head of the alliance will meet with German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht.

Scholz announced his readiness to increase the military contingent in Germany the day before , June 7, during a visit to Lithuania. He noted: “We are ready to strengthen our interaction and develop it to a powerful combat brigade,” — emphasizing Germany's readiness to “defend every inch of NATO territory”.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda then said that the conditions for the permanent deployment of the battalion would be created within one to one and a half years, LRT reported. “I pointed out to the chancellor that it makes sense for us to have an additional battalion here for constant exercises, for constant training <…> We have to do some work: the construction of barracks, places of deployment, infrastructure,»,— he clarified.

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At the end of May, Scholz announced the creation in Germany of the largest regular army among NATO countries in Europe. According to him, this will allow the country to significantly strengthen its own security and the security of allies. The German authorities also agreed to set up a special fund worth €100 billion, the funds from which will be used to modernize the armed forces, Handelsblatt wrote.

“The German Bundeswehr will be strengthened. He will be able to carry out his defense tasks better than ever, and he will be able to contribute to NATO so that we can protect ourselves from outside attacks at any time, — Scholz added then.

According to the Global Firepower portal, which provides analytics on the military forces of 142 countries, at the beginning of February among European countries— NATO members in terms of the number of military in active service, France was in the lead & mdash; 205 thousand people, while in Germany there are 184 thousand

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