June 8, 2022

About fish and fishing rod. You can also acquire knowledge at the “silver” age

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 23. What else will the West freeze to spite Russia 08/06/2022 Plot National projects

People of the older generation are still as young at heart as ever. And in retirement they want to live a full life – be active, be creative, acquire new knowledge and skills, help those who need their support. Projects for Silver People age give such opportunities.

At the end of April, the results of the II All-Russian selection of the best practices of active longevity, which is held under the national project “Demography”, were announced. There are more and more interesting initiatives across the country.

Balance of soul and body

Yoga Grandmothers – so, almost fabulously, she called her project Natalya Kolesnikova from the Krasnoyarsk Territory. She herself is an adherent of yoga, she decided to help those women who have crossed the threshold of 55 & ndash; 60 years in recovery.

«From my own experience I will say: ­yoga, which can be practiced at any age, is optimal for maintaining health – and by the load, and by feeling yourself, and by understanding your body, – says N. Kolesnikova. –  In addition, I wanted to offer grandmothers something new, interesting, modern for them.

Enthusiastic will captivate another. And the site for the implementation of the plan was actually ready. Natalia – Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Center for Social Services to the Population in Shushenskoye, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Here the project «Grandmothers Yoga» and it was decided to implement it, because the only physical culture and sports center in the area does not provide an opportunity for older people to practice yoga.

The instructor selects his asanas for each participant. Photo: head of practice

The social service center approached the matter professionally. "Our exercise therapy instructor and nurse by education Victoria Korelinaunderwent retraining in Moscow under the program “Instructor-methodist in yoga”, – continues by the author of the project. – This allows, knowing the health characteristics of each of the women and taking into account the specifics of a particular disease, to build an individual training program.

Asana asana is different, and therefore the project has three main directions: for people suffering from cardiovascular those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, and for those who have general diseases.

Women come to the center with a medical report from a therapist and recommendations from an exercise therapy doctor on what types of exercises they can do. There is a doctor in the social institution itself.

«We have a wonderful instructor,– grandmothers say. – It helps to believe in yourself and not lose heart if something does not work out. Main – she has enough patience with us, and we are like a kindergarten.

Women also say that at first it was unusual, they knew nothing about yoga, they were afraid not to cope. «Laziness and fear– our biggest enemies, – considers one of the participants of the project. – What others will say and how they will look. But we will no longer be different – what they are, they are, therefore, in order not to become a burden for anyone, one must engage in health, live with pleasure and maintain a balance of “soul and body”.

This is how grandmothers became yogis. Now they admit that a second wind has opened up: the neck does not creak, the heart does not ache, stress resistance has appeared. In the center, they also bought rugs for the house – they themselves practice and involve their grandchildren so that they are healthy from childhood.

«Club» home style

«Anticafe» – one of the fashion trends of recent years. Most often, the regulars of such spaces – students and freelancers. For the first time cafes – place of leisure, for the second – work. Both need ­free Wi-Fi.

Saratov project “Anticafé” Complex Center for Social Services for the Population of the Balashovsky District – a successful attempt to organize affordable and high-quality leisure for older people and realize their creative potential. Time Cafe ­"AntiAge" is located on the territory of the very center, where different clubs and sections work. So the authors of the project decided to create one universal place where grandparents can “clubbing”, combining useful leisure time with communication over desserts and drinks.

“Here, people over 55 can improve their mental and physical health, as well as realize their creative potential in the familiar home environment,” – tells deputy director of the center Svetlana Lukyanova.

Older people, the authors of the project explain, are often lonely and lack communication when they have enough free time. “Anti-Age” it has just become the place where there is an opportunity for anyone to find something to their liking and friends with the same interests.

Each direction of the time cafe has its own leaders: needlewomen conduct creative master classes, music lovers – vocal training sessions, mushroom pickers share the secrets of “silent hunting”; and talk about how to cook different types of mushrooms. How to spend their leisure time, the participants choose themselves: board games, needlework, reading and discussing books and poems, watching movies, classes on logic and prevention of memory impairment. Math dictations are in demand.

Find friends in anti-cafe. Photo: head of the practice

Those who managed to forget about loneliness, having met friends and like-minded people in the anti-cafe, are especially happy. Hours at literary evenings, mini-concerts and handicrafts run unnoticed – not only because it's interesting, but also because people warm each other with warmth.

About fish and fishing rod

There are also representatives of the older generation who prefer to develop not in their spare time, but at their favorite job – even if there is a sharp breakthrough in technology. For example, experienced employees of the Saransk “Biochemist” (part of Promomed Group of Companies) were able to adapt to technological innovations quite quickly. But with innovations in the management of teams where there are a lot of young people, it turned out ­ a little more difficult.

After the modernization of the enterprise, the team began to noticeably get younger, which means that a democratic way of thinking that does not accept directive methods of management burst into production. “Young professionals are different now,” – veterans of the plant noted for themselves and thought.

How to learn to combine the best legacy of the Soviet era (hierarchy and strict discipline) with the trends of the time of innovation, when you don’t have to wait for a decision from above, but do it right away? The program of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation “Top Manager. Modern Methods in Team Management».  

“Our practice of inclusion of older employees, which we called “The Honorable Citizen of the Biochemist,” is akin to the famous parable about the fish and the fishing rod, – explains head of personnel training and development service of the enterprise Natalia Polutina. – In the process of training, they received exactly fishing rods. They studied on their own, and we simply suggested to them how and what to do from the organizational and technical side.

They studied themselves, they searched for themselves. They always came to class early to discuss past and new topics, and then studied until late, outside of working hours. They say they took a sip of fresh air, a little disconnected from their usual routine.

16 employees 50+ participated in the pilot project. This year the project will expand. After all, in the subdivisions they already say that the “link” happened: it became easier for people of different generations to understand each other.

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Practice-finalists of the II All-Russian selection of the best practices of active longevity are collected on the Smartek platform Agency for Strategic Initiatives and on the site «National Projects».

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