May 6, 2022

Klishas saw the West’s fault in the lack of progress in negotiations with Kyiv

By Azlyrics

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are not progressing due to the fault of the West, which is pushing Kyiv to hostilities, Andrey Klishas, ​​head of the Constitutional Committee of the Federation Council, believes

Andrey Klishas

Negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv are not moving forward, due to the fact that the Western countries decided to “destroy” Ukraine as part of the confrontation with Russia, Andriy Klishas, ​​head of the Constitutional Committee of the Federation Council, wrote on his Telegram channel.

“They say that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are not moving forward. It looks like the truth. Only the reason is that the West decided to destroy Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia,»,— he declared.

According to Klishas, ​​there is no other way to assess the statements of Western countries about the desire to see Ukraine victorious on the battlefield. Kyiv hears these signals from the West and acts accordingly, he believes.

During a visit to Kyiv in early April, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, wrote on his Twitter that the conflict should end in victory “on the battlefield.” In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the European Union had turned from an economic organization into a “NATO economic relations department.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special operation in Ukraine on February 24. He called its goal “demilitarization” and “denazification” neighboring country, as well as protecting the population of Donbass. The Ukrainian authorities, in response to the special operation, declared martial law and general mobilization.

At the end of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the fulfillment of tasks in the Kiev and Chernigov directions and the regrouping of troops. The ministry also said that the purpose of the special operation is the “complete liberation of Donbass.” In April, Deputy Commander of the Western Military District Rustam Minnekayev said that as part of the second phase of the special operation that had begun, the task was to establish full control “over the Donbass and Southern Ukraine.”

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Since late February, Moscow and Kyiv have been negotiating a settlement. The last face-to-face meeting of the delegations of the two countries took place in Istanbul. Then Kyiv handed over to the Russian side the proposals, including the neutral and non-nuclear status of Ukraine, as well as guarantees of its security, which would not apply to Crimea and Donbass.

After the meeting in Istanbul, negotiations continued in 6 May, Deputy Head of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexei Zaitsev said. He also cited Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky as an example, who said that he “sees no prospects for negotiations”, as well as the words of the head of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, who “generally rejected any possibility of a peace treaty with Russia.” p> Materials for the article Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel