April 27, 2022

Finland refused to pay for gas in rubles

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The Finnish government has decided not to pay for Russian gas in rubles. Previously, Gazprom stopped deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria for non-payment of gas under new conditions .jpg” alt=”Finland refused to pay for gas in rubles” />

Finland will not pay for Russian gas in rubles in accordance with the decision of the European Commission, which considered such a measure a violation of contracts, said the Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Corporate Governance Titti Tuppurainen, Helsingin Sanomat reports.

“We have decided in the government committee on economic policy that Finland will not agree to payments in rubles. The decision had already been made in early April, — Tuppurainen said.

The minister expressed confidence that Moscow intends to divide the European countries and establish control over them. “This can be regarded as blackmail by Russia and part of [its] geopolitical ambitions,” — she added. According to Tuppurainen, the Finnish government's decision has already been handed over to the energy company Gasum, which owns the contract for the supply of gas from Russia.

“Companies are responsible for their own operational business decisions. Responsibility cannot be transferred to anyone else, — Tuppurainen stressed, noting that gas companies should independently examine the contracts for compliance with the refusal to pay for rubles.

The minister added that Finland seeks to stop importing gas from Russia as soon as possible . «Purpose— get rid of all payments to Russia so that we don't use them to fund Putin's military fund. It would be undesirable to be in a situation where we have to pay for breach of contract,— summed up Tuppurainen.

Read on RBC Pro Pro You can't do this in a crisis: five ways to derail sales Articles Pro x The Economist The Fed made a historical mistake. Will this lead to a global recession? Will support measures help stop their departure?The transfer of all payments for gas supplies into rubles was announced at the end of March by Russian President Vladimir Putin, he instructed to apply this measure to “unfriendly countries”— this list includes Finland, all other EU countries, the USA, Japan, Micronesia, San Marino and others. Putin justified his decision by the desire to “refuse to use in such calculations all currencies that have compromised themselves,” which, in his opinion, should be achieved “in the very near future.” The scheme began to operate on April 1.

European countries and companies are divided in their assessments of Moscow's decision. The European Commission has repeatedly said that following the requirements for payment in rubles would be a violation of the sanctions imposed against Russia. “Companies with such contracts should not agree to Russian demands. This would be a violation of the sanctions, which means that there is no high risk for companies, — EC head Ursula von der Leyen said at the end of April.

Disagreement with Russia's demand was expressed in Paris, Berlin, London and other capitals, including Warsaw and Sofia. “Gazprom” announced the suspension of deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria “due to non-payment in rubles.”

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