April 26, 2022

What will the weather be like in Moscow for the first May holidays?

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From May 1 to May 3, cool rainy weather with night frosts is expected in the capital.   

According to the weatherman, on the night of Sunday, May 1, the air temperature will be fluctuate from minus 1 to plus 3 degrees. The cold snap will last until May 3.

“On the night of Sunday, May 1, the temperature will be from minus 1 to plus 3 degrees, that is, in early May there will be frosts. And although frosts are unlikely on May 2 and 3, the weather will be cloudy, with clearings, light rains are expected, — told the city news agency “Moscow” Vilfand.

When will the cold snap start in the capital? 

Residents of the capital will feel a cold snap on Wednesday, April 27th. It will get colder in Moscow. The temperature will be around 5-6 degrees at night, 10-12 degrees during the day, the expert noted.

As Vilfand noted, the cooling will continue in the future. On Thursday, April 28, in the capital, the thermometers will drop to 0 degrees at night. During the day, the air in Moscow will warm up only to plus 5-10 degrees. Severe frosts are expected in the Moscow region.

According to  Evgeny Tishkovets, a specialist of the Phobos Center, a cold snap will begin due to the intrusion of polar air. The temperature background will be 6 & minus 7 degrees below the norm. On Friday, April 29, at night the air temperature will drop to minus 4 degrees, and in the daytime it is expected to reach plus 6−11 degrees of heat.

When can we expect the next warming? 

Warming in the capital it is expected only at the beginning of the working week, from May 4.  

«According to preliminary calculations, the temperature increase is predicted at the beginning of the working days, from May 4 the temperature will gradually begin to rise», —  Vilfand said. 

Source: https://www.mskagency.ru

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