January 14, 2022

The construction of a wall around the White House puzzled the Americans

By Azlyrics

The network is discussing a possible assault

The wound on the body of American statehood after the storming of the Capitol has not yet healed, as even more ominous news is coming from the States. In the unofficial US media, news began to appear about the construction of a concrete fence around the White House. Judging by the date of publication of the earliest video that could be found, work began on January 11.

Photo: Frame from video

The authors of the materials refer to videos from Yotube and a post by a Twitter user under the nickname Glen Lettenmaier dated January 12. ​​​​​​

In the earliest video, concrete panels in the shape of an inverted “U” can be seen being placed around the fountain on the lawn. It is logical to assume that armed people will have to stand in the gaps.

Glen's post contains a couple of screenshots from the video, where you can see two rows of walls. They are located on the North Lawn of the White House. However, here the voids in the blocks are covered with something similar to plywood. Perhaps they will also be filled with concrete.

The message is accompanied by the author's comment: “We are in trouble … right now they are putting a fence of factory-made concrete panels around the White House. I think it's suggestive… especially in light of the media's silence.”

Suggestions as to why the wall is being built range from riots to invasions of little green men. The last joke, but the most reasonable versions seem to be about the prospect of chaos in the city or about some event that will take place on the lawn.

It is noteworthy that on January 12 in Bulgaria, protesters against coronavirus restrictions broke into the Parliament building. As a result, they secured a promise to create a working group that will deal with questions about vaccinations and restrictions. But in the US, the situation is also not very good: the number of cases is growing, inflation is breaking records, people are buying less, there are interruptions in food supplies. Who knows, maybe they decided to play it safe in order to avoid such a development of events?

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